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There is magic in the written word. With a turn of the page we are transported outside of ourselves, wholly at the mercy of another to whom we give the unspeakable power to change us, mould us, excite us. Worlds are conquered or lost. Lovers are held or rejected. We have families or are alone.

But we are never the same.

This is a collexion of written words. Some are my own, most belong to other authors I have invited because their stories moved me. Most are from the genre called "FanFiction" which are stories and novels based on the continuation and/or inspiration of other people's characters and universes. If you are not familiar with FanFiction, then you have been missing out on one of the richest collections of written works filled with thousands of stories, some so breath-taking, they stay with you forever. I invite you to share their wonders with me.

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Some of the fiction on this site is intended for adults only. To prevent accidental viewing by minors (and my mother), it is listed with several net-rating, net-sitting services; if the parental controls on your browser are active, you will receive an error message and access will be denied.

In keeping with the disclosures required for my voluntary ICRA rating, the stories posted herein may contain graphic sex in homosexual (slash or male/male or female/female pairings) and heterosexual relationships (male/female pairings) and may also graphically depict violence and death.

In a perfect world, everyone would tolerate and respect other people's preferences and would stay away if they were not so inclined to read these type of stories. However, this is not a perfect world and as such, this site requires password access for my protection as well as yours.


You must be 18 years of age and older (regardless of country) to get a password and must submit all of the information below including a statement that you are of age to view adult material in the country you reside, you understand the nature of the stories and artwork posted AND you are OK with it. This last statement (for those of you who are curious about it, since it is a bit odd) is to help prevent certain--ahem--'righteous' individuals from entering the site just so they can bash it. Been there, done that, don't have any patience for it. If you're here, it's because you want to read these kind of stories.

Requesting the password assumes you have read this front page, meet the minimum age requirement, are comfortable with the contents, and accept full personal responsibility for viewing the stories on this site. If so, then mail me for the password by clicking the request link under the image to the left. With your mail, you must include the following (you can copy and paste the form if you like but make sure you include the statements at the bottom):

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There are no exceptions to this.

For those who are justifiably concerned about privacy, I do keep a digital copy of your mail for my records, but it is stored off-line in an encrypted .pdf file the contents of which will never be distributed for any reason to anyone.

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Normally I issue the password fairly quickly--usually within a few minutes; however, I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which means I'm out-of-synch with the rest of the world, so if it takes a while, I'm probably sleeping--or writing. Anyway... Enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon...

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All original stories, articles, commentaries, fan fic concepts for AU, artwork, and song fics by I Got Tired of Waiting © 1999-2008 (all rights reserved) and are obviously used by me with my permission. Please ask before YOU abscond with them.

All non-original graphics used in this site are properly credited although may or may not be used with permission (as noted). If these are your works and you are offended, mail me and I will remove them if you so desire.

As Firebolt909 has said:
Disclaimer: JKR is a Goddess, but I do like to play with her toys, and I always put them back up when I'm done.

Any other fan fiction presented here by other authors is copyrighted by those authors for concept and their original AU characters only; the original characters and the respective universes they inhabit are the sole property of the original authors and their publishing houses and any other agencies legally licensed to distribute them. Copyright infringement is not intended.

No profit, is being made nor exchanged from these stories, so please leave us alone.